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Welcome to my wishlist (and thanks for taking a look!) If you happen to have any cels on this list (esp. High + priority) that you are willing to part with (and I might do trades too, can't hurt to ask ^^) don't hesitate to drop me a line! This list is what I eventually hope to be my collection (and this list will grow and shrink as I think of new things/see more anime and acquire more cels.) If I have the cel and it's still on my wishlist, then that's not because I forgot to take it off, it's because I would like another/better one ;) But, priority will be changed from the original desire (ie, just because Dryden is only a Medium dosn't mean I don't LOVE my Dryden cel, it's just that since I got one It's not as imperitive I get more NOW.)

Current main collecting series:
Escaflowne and El Hazard OAV 1.

Passively collecting:
Nightwalker and Kenshin

Priorities go as follows:

Will give Kidney: A Dream cel. I don't foresee being able to afford in near future, but if you bychance have one to trade for something of mine - DEFINATELY Let me know!!

Very High = top priority to acquire. Seeking out these cels.

High= I am on the lookout for these cels.

Medium= I want these, and if I find a good deal on one I like, I will be getting it.

Low= I want it, but there are others I want more right now. I'll get around to them eventually.

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Card Captor Sakura
Keroberus- big form. I'd like a better cel of him, wings showing, dramatic, and not funky-looking. Medium
Yue: More = good :D Simple formula. Low
Cowboy Bebop
Gren. Mmm.... He is so pretty, and a bishonen in -this- artstyle is even yummier.. Will Give Kidney
Vicious. *nods* A whilte-haired Bishonen. (Yes. I know how expensive he is. Yes, I still want him. No, I probably never will.) Will Give Kidney
Ed! Zany Edward Wong Hao Pepelu Tvruski IV ^^; Medium
Ein. Why does a dog have to be so hard to find and expensive. Sure, he's cute. Yes, I wish I had one just like him... And yes, I guess everyone else does as well ^^; Low
Spike- A good face cel. Looking cute/drool-worthy Low
El Hazard
Afura Man. Good face shot. From OAV 1. Very High
Fatora- preferably from the original OAV, but that's probably going to be pretty hard. Regardless, a good, high-detail shot. High
Ifurita. I know she's pricy, so I'll probably wait to fill more holes before I turn to her. Either OAV 1 or 2. NOT black-haired Ifurita. High
Rune Venus. Least priority of the El Hazard chars, which I would like to eventually have one good cel of all the major characters from the 1st OAV. High
I'd like another cel of Galus in his human form looking Yummy ^^. Medium
Van- a good shot- not too picky on expression. Wings = good ^_~ Very High
Dilandu. I'll get to him someday. Really ^^. High
Merle. Kawaai catgirl ^^. High
Nariya and Eriya. They have such cool char. designs. (Movie versions are even cooler IMO, but I would assume VERY Hard to find.) Medium
Dryden-sama. Yes, I am VERY pleased with the cel of him I have, but he is my -favorite- character, and I would love more ^^. Low
Jajuka- I really liked Jajuka. Unfortuantely, a lot of other people do too. Darn hard to find, expensive cels ^^;. Low
Inu Yasha
Inu Yasha- preferably with his claws/fangs showing ^^. YAAAY White-haired bishonen. Yay claws/fangs ^__^ Low
Night Walker
A shot of Kain - decent- old or new artstyle. (Pref. New) High
Riho - a good shot of her. High
Ryuichi looking over Megumi's shoulder. High
Guni - a cute/good shot of her Medium
More good Shido cels! Yaaay! Shido (again, I REALLY like him mainly due to his amazing resembalance to one of my original chars.) Low
Petshop of Horrors
Count D. Medium
Almost any of the creatures Low
Rurouni Kenshin
A Battousai cel. *sighs* Even better, a battousai cel from the Saitou fight.... *swoons* Will Give Kidney
a good cel from the new OAV. I like the OAV style to scenes from the series. Medium
An OAV cel. Preferably of Kenshin/Battousai. Medium
Hiko!! I can't believe it, but I actually have one now! He's been top on my wishlist for all 3 years of collecting... I'd still love another, but now knocked down a few priorities. Medium
Saitou. Looking evil/malicious/cool/himself. :) Medium
Kaoru- *sighs* Need to get a good cel of each of the Kenshingumi. Low
Yahiko - A better cel of him. Low
Shamanic Princess
Japolo! Cute sidekick animal.... therefore, chances of me finding him is probably low ;_; Medium
Tiara- espeically transformed! Low
Tenshi ni Narumon
A better, cute-looking, Gabriel Medium
Miruru looking cute ^^. Medium
Obaa-san Low
Sarah Visible (I'd like a cel of most of the main characters from the show ^^.) Low
The Last Unicorn
A cel of the Unicorn... this was one of my absolute favorite movies as a child, and I would love to be able to have a cel from it. Will Give Kidney
Juri- a definately cool female in my book- I'd love a cel of her. Low
Ruka... ahh... bishonen from this series so pretty... darn them.. Low
Saionji... *see Touga* Low
Touga.... *purr* Low
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Meier Link. Even better = Meier Link with Charlotte. I really loved this couple for personal reasons ^__^ (Yes! I got one (priority thus modified)... but I'd love to get a better one some day... Must save up -.-;; ) High

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