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Fujisawa OAV
Source: OVA
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Standard size

No Background

Added 5/19/2002
Updated 5/23/2002
Wow- I believe that this is the BEST Fujisawa-sensei cels I've ever seen. Fujisawa is definately one of my Favorite El Hazard characters. It's from the original OAV (you can tell because he's wearing the blue jumpsuit) he's smoking his characteristic cigarette- AND his eyes are even open! How often does -that- happen? Plus, it even has the background- which appears to be matching- I LOVE the scenery from the original El Hazard- they were so gorgeous! ^^.
This also happens to be now the LARGEST cel in my collection at a whopping 15x13 inches. Not quite sure where to put it atm ^^; Guess we're gonna need a bigger cel binder (to paraphrase Jaws.) BTW- this is only the scan of the central part of the cel- it extends a good couple inches to all sides around it ^^;.
Cel is A2.

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