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Shido waking up from a nightmare
Source: TV
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Added 3/20/2002
Updated 4/2/2002
Another WOW. *deep, shaky breath* I can't believe that I own this cel. This scene was my favorite scene from the series- the last episode, right after Shido wakes up from the nightmare that Kain sends him, he's shaking and terrified as his thoughts are in a jumble, wondering what's real, and realizing just what it is he's been doing. Not to mention, I've been REALLY wanting a good cel of Shido with matching background. I've always been a sucker for backgrounds. I couldn't possibly be happier to have this cel! This was from the fortutious night on Animaxis. And, now that it is MINE, it is SUCH a gorgeous cel in real life... definately one of my favorite cels of my collection.

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