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THE Shido
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Added 3/20/2002
Updated 4/2/2002
WOW.... When I first started checking animaxis, I noticed a cel from this sequence, but it was already sold by the time I got there. I was crushed. That was EXACTLY the shot of Shido I wanted, it was... well, to me perfect. It was a dramatic shot, his eyes seemed to glow on the cel, his fangs were showing... it was HIM. I was upset, but I told myself maybe I'd be able to track down the person who won it or something. Then something amazing happened. Kamiki and I were up LATE talking online when she checks animaxis on a whim. I can't believe our luck. They had JUST updated 3 pages worth of NW cels, including -3- cels from that same sequence. Needless to say we both got one. WE couldn't be happier!! Anyway, this cel is from The Witch in the Woods (next to last episode.)
Cel is A7.

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