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Vash the Stampede
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Added 3/20/2002
Vash from Trigun is another character I had to have one good cel of ^_^. His character is GREAT, and veery pretty as well :D. Anyway, I fell in love with this cel when I saw. He's looking quite cute trying to show off and look suave ^_!. I was able to do a partial trade in for a not nearly as nice Trigun cel I had had prior to this one. And, the longer I've had it, the more I've liked it. Especially since I've found THIS cel appear in several places: in the artbook, as one of the shots from the episode six caps, and even as the ending picture (with harts over his eyes) of the AMAZING "Tainted Donuts" Anime music Video :D. *huggles her Vash cel* Cel is C9.

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