Hello and welcome to my cel gallery! As you can probably tell, it's been over four years since I have added any cels to my collection. It was a wonderfully fun habit, but I'm proud of my little collection after all and currently am just happy with the cels that I have - I achieved a lot of my goals as far as completing character sets from some of my favorite shows, and those that I didn't, well, as a grad student and starving artist I really can't afford to support the habit but I tip my hat to those of you who can.

If you want to get in contact with me, or happen to have a wishlist cel of mine ( :D ) then you can reach me at: arania(at)flash.net ((UPDATED! If you sent me an email to the old yahoo email, then it is likely lost. I checked the email for the first time in like a year today (Jun 07) and responded to a few inquiries I had received.

Also, you can visit my big Kenshin webpage at:
Warning: this page has not been updated in at least 6 years and is a static site and a kind of tribute to my old Kenshin obsession.

My artwork can be found at:

News & Updates

3/2/2003Pretty Millerna Movie cel added from the Anime Taro going out of business sale :)
2/9/2003Just did a trade that I am happy with :). Traded my Kain/Riho cel for some very pretty Kenshin cels ^^
2/1/2003WEll, It's been 5 months since I bought a cel - been very good, but had to make an exception for this cute Esca cel.
8/5/2002My Kero-chan cel arrived :3 Wow! My coming soon has actually been emptied!

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Card Captor Sakura (10) 7/20/2002
Clamp Campus Detectives (2) 3/20/2002
Dearly Departed (84) 2/9/2003
Dual (2) 3/19/2002
El Hazard (15) 5/19/2002
Escaflowne (9) 3/2/2003
Fan Cels (2) 5/16/2002
Fushigi Yuugi (3) 7/20/2002
Master of Mosquiton (4) 6/8/2002
Miscellaneous (3) 3/20/2002
Night Walker (4) 7/18/2002
Rurouni Kenshin (7) 2/9/2003
Shamanic Princess (1) 3/20/2002
Tenchi Muyo (3) 3/19/2002
Tenshi ni Narumon (2) 3/20/2002
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (1) 6/8/2002

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